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When Black Pearls VC is expanding the team – it always comes to the big names. We are proud to announce that Piotr Pągowski has joined us recently as a Venture Partner. Piotr will strenghten our potential in the field of innovative IT projects development, bringing elite expertise and experience that he has gained at Intel, Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard on international level. His assets will complement Black Pearls VC international expansion strategy.       A graduate of Warsaw University of Technology Faculty of Electronics, Piotr Pągowski has been associated with the IT industry since 1993. He started his career at Baza and Westwood. Since 1995, he was working for Intel, where he was responsible for development strategy with sales and marketing for Central Eastern Europe region. From 2006 to 2011 was working for Microsoft where he subsequently held the positions of Country

September 2016 will be long remembered as a very important day for the Polish space sector industry. Two of our initiatives aimed at developing space technology projects had their great finale at Gdańsk Science and Technology Park, where Space3ac and POSITON programmes Demo Day was held on the 8th of September. 

Space3ac DemoDay vistorious team with Black Pearls VC Alex Lubanski and Wojciech Drewczynski.

Space3ac DemoDay vistorious team with Black Pearls VC Alex Lubanski and Wojciech Drewczynski.

Eight teams have made it to the final phase of the space industry accelerator Space3ac. They now have one and a half months to brush up their projects and prepare a presentation for investors. The winners will take 50 thousand PLN to spend on scientific research and will have a chance to obtain investments worth even as much as 2 million PLN(approx. 450 thousand EUR).


Where you work influences how you work – and we are here to prove this to be true. The Black Pearls VC offices are located at an extraordinary venue: Olivia Business Centre in Gdańsk is a thrilling conglomerate of startups, large corporations and science people. All that accommodated in a setting of contemporary architecture. Oh, how we love such combinations!


To get a business going, especially if it’s your first one, may be a challenge. Even more so if you wish to venture into a new sector or want to scale up. Luckily, there are people who can help: it’s much easier to take the plunge when you have the support of business incubators or venture capital funds such as Black Pearls VC. Whatever your choice, you should know what to expect from incubators and how the venture capital can assist you.


A common language and mutually complementary competencies: this is the basis for a successful relationship (at least in the business reality). In our work with startupers, the scientists are the party bringing in their sophisticated knowledge and ideas, while Black Pearls VC contributes with business experience, contacts and investments, creating the environment necessary for productive scientific activity.


Are there any EU-level actions to facilitate start-ups creation? Are there any obstacles that the entrepreneurs have to face while growing their businesses on the Single Market scale? Public consultations to better understand European entrepreneurs’  needs have been launched by the EU Commission. Black Pearls VC Venture Partner Ewa Treitz participated in the consultations to provide valuable feedback as the ecosystem’s representative on investor side.