From Kiev to Tricity: Black Pearls VC attracts talents

We are here to direct Polish startups down the path of their development, assists them until they achieve a global-scale success. With a view to continuous improvement, we too must expand our team’s strength in international relations. Meet Bogdan from Ukraine, who has just recently won his place in our crew with a praiseworthy talent and determination.

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Bogdan Zhukevych is young European mobility embodied. Each stage of his career took place in a different country. He got his BA at the Ukrainian Kiev National Economic University, and was conferred his MA at the University of Economics in Bratislava, Slovakia. Also in Slovakia Bogdan worked with IBM and Lenovo and after this “corporation episode” he explored possibilities for an internship with a number of organizations in  Estonia, the Czechia, Croatia and Poland. “I was looking for an opportunity to improve my skills  and gain business experience form various areas. Working with a venture capital fund like Black Pearls VC is the best way to get access to many businesess at different stages of development in one place” Bogdan says. He wanted to work in a startup environment, so having analysed several markets, he opted for Poland – a country where this sector is relatively dynamic and varied. Another important sway factor was the cultural and language similarities between Ukraine and Poland. Taking all the above into account, Black Pearls VC was the best choice for Bogdan.

“Bogdan drew my attention with his clear and precise idea of what he wants to do at Black Pearls VC and his strong determination that  helped him overcome many formal obstacles towards winning a scholarship” says Dominika Drewczyńska, HR Manager at Black Pearls VC, “We prepared the application documents together, and then came the nail-biting wait for the results of the seemingly endless procedure.”
Quite fortunately Bogdan was qualified for the programme and could start his Tricity-based internship. He quickly proved his talents, engagement and teamwork capability. There is no surprise then that once his internship was over, he was offered to stay with Black Pearls VC and got a job in a key area in our development strategy, which is international relations. He fit into the team smoothly and received a very warm welcome, being clearly on the same wavelength as the Black Pearls VC team.

“We are happy to see our company attracting gifted young people from abroad,” comments Marcin Popiel, responsible for PR and Marketing at Black Pearls VC. “For a company with international operations, a culturally diversified team, knowledge and experience gained in different countries are very valuable. And what’s valuable even more – is that we have a new teammate and a really nice colleague.”