Black Pearls at the “Meet The Space” conference in Kraków

Between 5th and 6th of December a conference related to the space industry is being held in Kraków, Poland. Black Pearls representative is participating  to this event.

Since November 2012 Poland is a member of the European Space Agency (ESA) and currently is at the stage of defining its capabilities and needs. Some of these will be in “upstream” activities (for example satellite components or specialised software) and some of them will be related to “downstream” activities (for example applications of satellite data).

The “Meet The Space” event aims at presenting different points of view about the current state of development of Polish space industry and its development capabilities. This conference is attended by many specialists, both from Poland and ESA. Polish side is represented by experts from national R&D institutes, academia and private industry.

Most of conference attendants are convinced that commercial activities, related to the space sector and “downstream”, should be a major part of this hi-tech industry in Poland