June 2017

As it is still quite young, Polish innovations and VC industry needs knowledge, good practices and worldwide network to keep up the global pace and use its great potential. We decided that the cradle of the industry is the best place to get them from. Palo Alto, California, Kauffman Fellows – Class 22. That’s where our Marcin P. Kowalik spent a week of his time in June. Our Managing Partner is actually the second Black Pearls VC team member to take part in the Program, as Ewa Treitz succesfully completed her course last year.

For the first time, company from Poland won the international Startup Europe Awards, promoted by the European Commission. Wojciech Syroski, founder of Robocamp, received the award in Brussels in June. 84 startups from 14 diferent countries participated in the finals. We are writing about this, as the victors have common past with Black Pearls VC, being one of the first companies our Managing Partner, Marcin P. Kowalik, decided to invest in.