Startup business and R&D projects: Black Pearls VC’s approach

Say you are a scientist and you have come up with an interesting technology with a good potential for commercial application. Or an entrepreneur with an innovative product or service. Venture capital funds are certainly the way to breathe life into your projects and grow them into vivid businesses. Want to know how to do it with Black Pearls VC?


Is there one, universal recipe for successful business? That would be too simplesays Wojciech Drewczyński, Chief Innovation Officer at Black Pearls VC – But if you mix an innovative technology or product or service idea with a good marketing plan, add some people willing to work on it and bring it to Black Pearls VC – something really tasty might come out of it.

Investing in a startup

Startup  projects are not necessarily a complex matter. As these are usually ’pure businesses’, the investment process is based on financing rounds and depends on the accomplishment of key performance indicators. Sharing and implementing best business practices with a business partner  maybe less spectacular, but certainly not less important than the financial commitment of an investor. When administered continuously, these activities add to the value needed for its development.

If you are considering cooperation of your startup with Black Pearls VC you have just made your first step: you have become aware that you need a partner for your business to grow. The choice of the next steps will of course depend on the unique characteristics of a particular startup,  as almost each them is different.

Generally, you have to work on your business concept as hard as you can. Bring your product to the MVP (minimum viable product) stage. Show us your target groups or maybe even your potential clients. Gather a team of people who believe in your product, want to work on it and trust you as their leader. Needless to say, a meeting in person is essential. We have to know each other, see if there is any ’chemistry‘ between us – a must for any business partnership.

Investing in R&D enterprises

What is an R&D project for us? First of all, something that we are really keen on. It’s a startup, but with deep scientific methodology involved, meaning most of the above rules of startup investment apply, with a few more that should be mentioned. The difference lies in our approach to the research process and the way we finance it.

Our involvement in your tech-based startup requires verification of your scientific thesis and its business potential. It is possible that we will give you our support even at this very early stage of research, before the real investment begins.

Positive outcome of your basic scientific assumptions and bringing your project to the 3rd TRL are the key moments here. If you have a motivated team, further research plan and the vision of your project entering the market, you are ready for the next step: building an enterprise with Black Pearls VC. This is when our investment in your further research takes place. What plays an even more important role, especially in long term perspective, is our advice. We will give you our full support – our contacts, knowledge, and experience in commercialization of technology.

The specifics of Black Pearls VC investment strategy favors LQT (Life Quality Technologies) projects, and we engage in projects developed into the 3rd Technology Readiness Level  (i.e. ‘the proof of concept’ stage).

We are actually competent enough to analyze probably every business idea, but LQT has been our field of expertise and that’s where we feel we can add most value to a business – adds Wojciech Drewczyński But we are open for any new projects, right now Black Pearls VC is actively looking for new activities to back up, so – entrepreneurs and scientists, we are waiting for you!”

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