Our accomplishments in the field of LQT

As we have mentioned before, Black Pearls supports the activities in the direction of LQT solutions development. With no doubts, this area will soon play an important role at the market, by improving life’s quality of elderly and people struggling with various diseases. We hope that our past and future initiatives will bring valuable benefits.

We have prepared a summary of Black Pearls’ accomplishments of the 4Q of 2013:

1. University of Gdansk, Faculty of Biotechnology – cooperation in the field of commercialization (October 2013)

We met with the representative of Intercollegiate Faculty of BiotechnologyUniversity of Gdansk and Medical University of Gdansk – Marek Kuzbicki. We have established the rules for the future cooperation in the field of searching and developing projects in the area of ​​LQT. Currently, we are preparing a framework agreement, between the Faculty and Black Pearls, which will regulate future cooperation.

2. University of Gdansk – supporting the organization of internships for 500 students of University of Gdansk (November 2013)

Jointly with the project team, we have prepared principles of organization and taking an internships for 500 students of university at the companies clustered around the complex of the Olivia Business Centre and the Interizon Cluster.

3. Warsaw Agricultural University (November 2013)

During the training organized by the NCBR concerning legal framework for the commercialization of inventions in Poland, we have launched the collaboration with a representative of Rector’s Plenipotentiary for Economic Cooperation – Michał Borowy. We have participated in the meeting of Deans’s Plenipotentiaries for Economic Cooperation, where we presented strategic directions of research innovations, including LQT, in front of the Rector’s Plenipotentiary. In February 2014, Black Pearls will conduct for researchers of Warsaw Agricultural University, a presentation of LQT idea and workshop, in the field of preparation and presentation of scientific ideas at conferences and meetings with investors. WAU expressed also their willingness to cooperate in the future.

4. ICT Day – presentation of the idea (November 2013)

During the conference organized by the Interizon Cluster, we had the opportunity, as one of the three companies, to present the LQT idea to the gathered representatives of science, business, and local administration, while discussing the Black Pearls’ business case.

5. Smart Metropolia – presentation the idea (November 2013)

During the Smart Metropolia congress, we have presented the effects of the previous activities of Black Pearls in the area of creating partnership projects connecting science, administration and business. Moreover, we have invited new partners to collaborate in the area of ​​LQT. During the presentation, willingness to act in the LQT area expressed: Director of the Department of Economic Development of Pomerania – Wlodzimierz Szordykowski and on behalf of the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone and the Scientific and Technological Park of Gdansk – Teresa Kaminska. Maciej Grabski, owner of Olivia Business Centre also openly confirmed engagement in the Black Pearls’ activities.

6. Gdansk University of Technology – Domestic (November/December 2013)

We are also developing cooperation with the team responsible for the project from the LQT area at Gdansk University of Technology – Domestic, composed of PhD Jack Rumiński and PhD Mariusz Kaczmarek. We are currently preparing a board of specialists (analysts, auditor, patent attorney, legal adviser, tax law specialist) to develop the documentation necessary for the commercialization of Domestic project’s results (for 5 out of 8 produced devices potential customer had been founded). Domestic team expressed a desire to cooperate in the development of new solutions in the area of ​​LQT.

Information about the project:

7. Intel Poland (December 2013)

We had a meeting with Krzysztof Jurczyk, representative of Intel Poland. We have discussed our cooperation in the field of projects’ implementation in the area of ​​LQT, which have the global potential. R&D center in Gdansk Intel is interested in working with teams created by us, additionally with the opportunity of using technology and R&D Intel’s infrastructure. Our proposal was referred to the leadership of Intel in the United States and to Marcin Hejka – the representative of Intel Capital (the largest VC in the world) of Central Europe.

8. Medical University of Gdansk (December 2013)

On the occasion of the Black Pearls’ participation in training, which concerns the technology transfer, organized by the Marshal’s Office, we have started cooperation with Head of Science of MUG – Krystyna Kaszyńska. Thanks to her, we handed over the invitation to our initiatives and exploration of teams, working in the LQT area, to the Rector.

9. Gdansk University of Technology (December 2013)

Together with Dr Malgorzata Ziemba we made ​​an evaluation of an international project INNOCASE, whose aim is adapting and transferring innovative methodology of case study. What is more, Black Pearls made ​​the evaluation of projects prepared by teams from the following institutions and companies:

  • Gdansk University of Technology (Poland)
  • Savonia University of Applied Sciences (Finland)
  • VIA University College (Danemark)
  • Silesian University in Opava, School of Business Administration in Karvina (Czech Republic)
  • Aiton Caldwell (SMEs, Poland)

10. Olivia Business Centre

For several months we have been discussing opening LQT R&D Centre in Olivia Business Centre. One of the floors of the building, which will be completed in Q1/Q2 2014 will be specially prepared for the needs of R&D projects that Black Pearls will be doing jointly with partners.

11. Innvest In Pomerania

During a meeting with representatives of Innvest In Pomerania, we received declaration of informing potential and existing investors in Pomerania, about the activities planned by Black Pearls in the LQT area. In addition, Invest In Pomerania suggested proposing collaboration to all large companies with which they are in touch.

12. Link Club

We joined the informal working group of representatives of key institutions, organizations, universities and companies in the Pomerania region – Link Club. During these meetings we have the opportunity to inform regional policy makers about the LQT initiatives and to invite to wider cooperation. The representatives of the company InnoBaltica expressed their willingness to support us.

13. Consultation of Pomeranian ROP for 2014-2020

As a part of the consultation, we reported the official proposals for changes and development directions for Pomerania and with the support of the Management Board of Interizon Cluster we accomplished providing proposal of “LQT as one of the smart specialization of Pomerania” to the Marshal’s Office.

14. Economic mission – Finland

During the study visit in Helsinki, we had the opportunity to gain some first-hand information about the Finnish innovation system. Meetings with representatives of the technological Otaniemi complex, Technopolis Ruoholahti, Startup Sauna, Design Factory and Aalto University will be a source of knowledge about the modern approach of the effective knowledge-business transfer between organizations.

15. Economic Mission – Brussels

Study visit to Brussels enabled us to familiarize with the expectations of the European Commission in relation to the projects financed within Horizon 2020. In addition, we had the opportunity to find out more about the program for aging people, addressed to ICT sector entities – Ambient Assisted Living, whose partner is Poland.