Investing in the environment for 2015

Thank’s to the internet boom, people are becoming more conscious about the environment. Brands are now aware that improving a company’s culture, ethics and attitude towards the environment or even being part of a cause is the way to go in 2015. These might become somewhat of a standand in the near future. Do your research and you’ll find out that green businesses are in the top five categories  to invest in 2015.
Now is the best time for startups to come up with innovative, eco-friendly solutions to our daily problems. Why? Because the shift were going through is new and being one of the first always has it’s benefits. Until now some of us are still uninformed and never had the occasion to find out what we really need. People only chose organic after finding out the dirty little secrets about some foods  they were eating.

As a startup, one of your key goals is to educate people.

Things as simple as green roofs, solar power and free range food make the world better in many ways. And I’m confident, that the inventors of these “technologies” had to educate their customers. Educating can prevent you from launching a frivolous startup.

The green startup scene in Poland…

…is somewhat young. However, there are really brilliant minds in  our country creating successfull businesses, such as the 2014 Startup Fest winners “Ecologic” app developers. Our company has been cooperating with many eco-focused innovators, creators, developers and we hope to see more often people willing to make the difference in Poland and globally.