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After nearly two and a half years, Black Pearls VC completed the investment in PHK, a company working - under Hem Poland brand - in the field of industrial hemp cultivation and processing. As the result of the sales of PHK shares, Black Pearls VC received several times return on invested capital.   Owned by PHK, HemPoland has been the first private entity in Poland to obtain a license and commence cultivation and processing of hemp. The company produces hemp extracts of exceptional quality in terms of guaranteed performance of CBD, cannabinoid, terpenoid and flavonoid parameters. During the investment, Hem Poland introduced a series of Cannabi Gold products - dietary supplements based on golden fiber hemp extracts with a high content of cannabinoids to the European markets (including in the Netherlands and Switzerland). The company also started cooperation with a strategic distributor in

TVN Ventures acquires 40% in Polish company Everytap, operator of a beacon-based mobile advertising platform that offers contextual and personalized communication opportunities for brand advertisers. Everytap will receive cash and media to support the further growth of the company. Everytap is a platform that combines beacon technology with a mobile application, allowing users to receive contextual messages, incentives or bonuses while shopping or visiting venues like restaurants, concert halls, sports stadiums etc. Everytap offers cooperating advertisers, retailers, restaurants and venues the opportunity to develop dedicated loyalty programs, promotional incentives and fully flexibly manage marketing campaigns targeted at customers within their premises. The Everytap platform is one of the first applications of this type in the world using wireless beacon technology , providing unlimited possibilities to reach customers based on their microlocation. Everytap was launched in 2013 and is available