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Black Pearls VC is pleased to share this news with you. After months of talks and meetings we can officially announce that Ewa Treitz and Maciej Skórkiewicz joined our team. Ewa joins as a Venture Partner from 3M Ventures and she will increase Black Pearls VC global presence especially in the Baltic Sea Region. Maciej our new Investment Director will support the development of our portfolio companies in areas of the sales and investor relationships. Their track record in venture capital market effectively complements Black Pearls VC’s new strategy.

Black Pearls VC has received the distinction of the Pomeranian Employer of 2015 in the large and medium-sized enterprises category! The competition was aimed at micro, medium and large-sized companies which are headquartered or have working area in the Pomeranian Region and the business leaders who achieve very good financial results and, what is more important, look after the interests of their employees.

The quality of life can be expanded across multiple areas of human life, ranging from healthcare and ecology to international development and culture. And technology already plays a major role in all of these sectors. However, it has not always been like that. Technology has been commonly linked to coldhearted robots, convoluted devices and dangerous machineries. Nonetheless, recent breakthroughs such as smartphones and wearable devices have earned their places in our everyday lives so much that they have become indispensable. Healthcare is one of the fields that have adopted technology at a slower pace. The amount of novelty and data was overwhelming. Still, placing technology at our disposal has seemed to serve us well. Today, with the use of wearables & userfriendly devices we measure our blood pressure, monitor our sleeping and sports activities, evaluate sun exposure and air quality, which allow us to make