Black Pearls LQT Fund will invest PLN 20 000 000 in R&D projects

Black Pearls LQT Fund will invest PLN 20 000 000 in the commercialization of R&D projects by Polish scientists.

Life improving technologies (Life Quality Technologies, LQT) are most likely to obtain financial support . The Fund assumes a three-year investment plan.

The Black Pearls LQT Fund will be operating in Olivia Business Centre, the largest business center in northern Poland and at the same time will be supporting the creation of the modern O4 technology park. It is a place  aimed to attract foreign investors and venture capital funds as well as support teams in the globalization of developed products. Funding will be supported by co-investor – Maciej Grabski – an experienced entrepreneur, investor and business angel and the National Research and Development Centre under the BRIdge Alpha program.

The management team consists of experienced fund managers – Marcin Kowalik, managing partner and co-founder from the Black Pearls group and Tomasz Wozniak, a board member of Business Angel Seedfund and Chief Innovation Officer Olivia Business Centre.

At this point, our activities are focused primarily on managing equity funds aiming to invest in innovative companies at early development stages. In addition we provide for companies comprehensive mentoring activities and support in business relations. Teams will be assisted by  experienced entrepreneurs and scientists.

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