Black Pearls at the EU Space Policy conference

A representative of Black Pearls is present at the EU Space Policy conference, which is being held at the European Commission in Brussels. For last several years, the EU has been pursuing its own space programme, which is to…

… serve needs of the continent. The programme is realized by several important ventures: the Galileo, the EGNOS and the GMES Copernicus. All these topics are going to be implemented to a widespread service over next several years. At the same time Europe is realizing its 2014-2020 development strategy and hi-tech programmes, including these related to space, are an important part of it.

Between 28th and 29th of January a conference called EU Space Policy is being held in Brussels. This is an annual event, during which the top decision makers from all around Europe (including industry) present their opinion and prospects for next several years. This year a number of talks are given on the topic of competence and non-dependence of European space industry and its commercial prospects for the future. Also, talks focus on the risk aspects in investments in technologies and applications related to the space sector.
The conference is attended by over 750 attendees from all European countries. Several representatives from USA, India, Russia and Japan are also present.