May 2016

Technological change – with labour-saving machines and automatic processes, has strong impact on the labour market. The discussion whether the technological unemployment is going to become a global problem is spreading further and wider. On the other hand – new industries rise and grow, creating workplaces. Marcin P.Kowalik, Black Pearls VC Managing partner and frequent Radio Gdańsk commentator took part in an interesting discussion with Aleksandra Jankowska – the President of Pomeranian Special Economic Zone and Robert Magiera - Space Forest CEO. listen here  

On May the 16th, Quantum Lab won Best Startup 2016 – a prestigious competition for companies doing innovative new technology projects applicable for marketing, communication and sales purposes. Under Black Pearls VC mentorship and investment support, the company has developed software capable of recognizing and analysis of human emotions. The solution endows marketers and retail managers with revolutionary spectrum of new possibilities for measuring their communications effectiveness and improving customers experience.