Summer is the time when there are Black Pearls VC’s internships at our headquarters at Olivia Business Centre. We believe that it is a great idea to give teenagers  a chance to learn creativity and entrepreneurship. This year, thanks to O4 and Black Pearls VC eight young people from Braniewo came to our offices to spend a month on learning and changing their hobbies into future business. The majority of people believe that internships are pointless due to the simple and demotivational tasks like perking coffee or using photocopier. That’s why we launched our special internship program called “Startup Marathon” with a rigid daily schedule. Every day is planned, teenagers have mentors who support them and help them work on their projects. As far as coffee is concerned, the interns brewed it only for themselves 🙂

In the last few decades, the demographic structure has undergone a radical change. The elderly constitutes majority in the society due to the fact that less and less children are born. Moreover, the fast development of medicine and technology makes the average life span longer. Not only are people older, but the pace of life and lack of time are also burning issues. Our ageing population living in the world deprived of time needs technologies and devices that would make their lives simpler and more comfortable.

It all started in Slupsk in January 2015. At the Slupsk Technology Incubator (Slupski Inkubator Technologiczny) there met people who wanted their ideas to become business reality. Startup Roadshow – a contest that aims to bring innovation to smaller Polish towns was created for them. During 6 editions of the contest, several teams won 100 000 PLN to develop their business idea and gained necessary mentoring support from our Black Pearls VC experts. Nowadays, the final and special edition has been launched!

The knowledge necessary to make good match between startup needs and the right type of an investor is usually a nuisance for beginners. However, the number of options startups have is constantly growing. Nowadays, it is often like choosing the right wine in a store piled with bottles. It is even more difficult when you realize that choosing the right investor varies depending on a country where you start your business. In Poland the approach is different than, for instance, in the US. Part 1 of this article focuses on the situation outside Poland and describes a few tips on how to choose your investor well there.

Galileo Masters ends by the end of June. Its main aim is to find the best ideas connected with satellite navigation. It is still time to take part in this exceptional European competition and, judging by the main prize – 20 000 euro, it is definitely worth trying. Apart from money, there are a number of other prizes within your reach: internships in space sector companies, virtual offices, co-working spaces and mentoring necessary for getting funds. Moreover, all finalists will have the opportunity to present their ideas to investors and receive an objective judgement of the commercialization potential.