Voice Lab

Voice Lab

Overview: The company has developed  a speech to text technology-based solutions applicable for call centers and mobile applications. The technology has been developed by Jacek Kawalec – CTO Wirtualna Polska for many years and by Tomasz Szwelnik – a scientist with his academic roots linked with Gdańsk University of Technology. The idea derives from the need of entities operating in the financial market that have multiple problems with security systems. The solution is also commercialised by the Polish Justice System where the solution is to read biometry and verify data correctness.

Co-investor: JEREMIE Seed Capital Województwa Pomorskiego FIZAN

Innovation: Voice biometry – among the other biometric techniques – is viewed as a practical, easy and inexpensive method to implement, since it does not require additional readers or devices.

Stage development and recent news: Some of VoiceLab’s products include VoiceBanking (implemented in MeritumBank, FMBank), VoiceInsurance, VoiceTelekom, VoiceMed, VoiceLegal, VoiceSecurity, VoiceAutomotive, VoiceInDevice and SpeechWare. The company has received  widespread recognition both in Poland an internationally. Recent achievements include the Gold Medal at Inpex fair 2013 in the USA, as well as a Bronze Medal at the Inst 2013 Fair in Taipei.


Black Pearls VC Partner: Marcin P. Kowalik