Wojciech Drewczyński, Head of Acceleration

Wojciech Drewczynski

Wojciech has been working with the Black Pearls VC team since 2014. He is a venture capital investment professional, expert in the field of startup acceleration, collaboration of corporations with startups, and early-stage investments. As the founder of one of the leading international startup accelerators – Space3ac – he helped over 130 startups in growth.

Being an entrepreneur and art of innovation enthusiast Wojciech is one of the Polish startup scene big names. Moreover, as an author of the “Korporstartup” book and the Startup Collaboration Readiness methodology, helps corporates in better planning and setting up their activities with startups and Black Pearls VC portfolio companies.

Wojciech serves on the board of the following #BlackPearlsVC portfolio companies: Luna, DeepBI, infoShare Academy, Deep-image.ai

Wojciech is also a lecturer at the University of Gdansk – Faculty of Management.