Marcin Zagórski, Advisory Board

Marcin was an Advisory Board Member at Black Pearls VC. With his 30 years of professional experience he is helping companies from various sectors from software/AI/Voice technologies to energy and food sector.

Prior to joining Black Pearls VC, Marcin oversaw the creation and development of Amazon’s presence in Poland. Before that, he was a CFO at IVONA Software (text-to-speech technology currently fueling Amazon Echo), where he played a crucial role in IVONA’s sale to Amazon, which was one of the most prominent takeovers in the Polish tech scene.

Marcin was also the CEO of Hals Investment Fund, Vice-President of the Polish Private Equity Association and advisor to Ministry of Economy. He was a key contributor to helping foster innovation investing in Poland, which resulted in creation of KFK (National Capital Fund) fund-of-funds addressing “equity gap”.

Marcin studied as a visiting researcher at Georgetown University focusing on financial management and venture capital investing. He held a MS in Computer Science, Automation and Electronics from Gdansk University of Technology.