Marcin Zagórski, Advisory Board
Marcin Zagorski

Marcin is an Advisory Board Member at Black Pearls VC. With his 29 years of professional experience he is helping companies from various sectors from software/AI/Voice technologies to energy and food sector.

Prior to joining Black Pearls VC, Marcin oversaw the creation and development of Amazon’s presence in Poland. Before that, he was a CFO at IVONA Software (text-to-speech technology currently fueling Amazon Echo), where he played a crucial role in IVONA’s sale to Amazon, which was one of the most prominent takeovers in the Polish tech scene.

Marcin was also the CEO of Hals Investment Fund, Vice-President of the Polish Private Equity Association and advisor to Ministry of Economy. He was a key contributor to helping foster innovation investing in Poland, which resulted in creation of KFK (National Capital Fund) fund-of-funds addressing “equity gap”.

Marcin studied as a visiting researcher at Georgetown University focusing on financial management and venture capital investing. He holds a MS in Computer Science, Automation and Electronics from Gdansk University of Technology.