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Are you looking for a chance to develop your start-up and meet investors from all over the world? Are you prepared to gain valuable knowledge, make new friends and listen to gripping speeches?

If so, infoShare is for you!

infoShare is the biggest CEE Region IT & New Media festival that will take place on 11-12 June, in AMBEREXPO, Gdańsk. As infoShare is an annual event which has been organized since 2007, this year, there has been prepared a number of exciting meetings and panels. One of the most important one is connected with space.

The space technology sector is now a very important part of the global economy. Television, global phone calls and weather forecasts are examples of activities enabled by hundreds of satellites above the Earth.

One of the major economic foundations of the space industry is satellite navigation. It helps aircrafts approaching the runway to land in a designated corridor or farmers to effectively carry out work in their fields, and to save human lives faster and more efficiently in emergency situations.

Interaction with the space technology sector during the panel will be provided by special guests.

The business aspect of satellite navigation will be the subject of dedicated workshops that will take place during the conference.

During the workshops we will provide identification of business potential and opportunities for expansion into international market for innovative products and services based on the satellite navigation.



Date: 12 July, Friday

Time: 10 am – 11 am

Experts: Krzysztof Kanawka (Black Pearls VC), Sebastian Marcu (Design & Data), Jean-Jacques Favier (Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales), Adrian Pica (Startup Weekend Global Facilitator)

Four speakers, one aim – encouraging people to get involved in space sector. The panel will be devoted to space sector as one of the major branches of industry. Our experts will try to answer the question of what the advantages of commercializing it are and why it is so significant. One of the experts is Jean-Jacques Favier – the originator of the experiments performed during space missions. As Payload Specialist he flew on STS78 NASA Columbia space shuttle mission in 1996, logging 17 days in orbit. Privately co-founder of an innovative company named Blue Planet, which aim is to build a dozen of Earth high resolution observation satellites. Participants will have a unique opportunity to listen to prof. Favier and his experiences.


Date: 12 July, Friday

Time: 1.30 pm – 4 pm

Experts: Lukas Lanneau (SpaceTec Partners), Krzysztof Kanawka (Black Pearls VC)

Topic: Business opportunities of Global Navigation Satellite System applications [EN]

Objective of the workshops: identification of business potential and opportunities for expansion into international market for innovative products and services based on the satellite navigation.


– Verification of business projects in preparation for expansion into the space industry market,

– Overview of the most current knowledge about satellite navigation domain and its trends,

– Overview of the financing opportunities (to commercialize navigation projects and solutions) in Poland,

– Interaction with experienced experts from the POSITION project,

– Information about the possible use of the presented technologies in road, rail, maritime and air transport, agriculture, Search And Rescue (SAR) operations or Location Based Services (LBS).

The POSITION project is funded by the European Union within the Horizon 2020 under grant agreement no 641625.


and: The POSITION of satellite navigation

The number of places for the workshops is limited.


infoShare 2015 is definitely worth visiting. 80 international speakers on 5 stages sharing their knowledge with over 3500 participants. Be one of them.


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Photo credit: CC via flickr by NASA for The Commons (the right side)