From the region to the World: Black Pearls VC supports startups going international.

Black Pearls VC helps startups across Poland to get investors and clients from a range of countries. Our experts support young entrepreneurs in developing scalable business models, which allow them to take a leap from local or regional to country-wide or international projects.


To prepare a business for foreign conquest is the skill that young entrepreneurs may be lacking, as it is usually learned over years of experience. This is why Black Pearls VC, apart from startup financing, offers something at least equally valuable: advice and mentoring from our experts – seasoned business people. Each startup gets an individual approach and a set of tools which stimulate product and industry-specific growth. Here are some examples of such tailored solutions.

Houses factory and satellite technology

The Tricity-based company Rebel Module Eco specializes in designing and manufacturing energy-efficient, prefabricated module houses, amenity and public buildings. The firm’s achievements on the Polish market have drawn the attention of Middle East partners, including Saudi Arabia. Rebel Module Eco is already building for clients in Germany and Austria, and planning to go into Scandinavia.

Blue Dot Solutions, an undertaking from Gdańsk, is already a full-blown participant in projects dealing with space technology and satellite data. This industry is by definition an international thing, but the company’s brand was fostered by inclusion in world-wide projects. Mentoring from Marcin Kowalik, Black Pearls VC Managing Partner, helped Blue Dot Solutions win projects for the ESA and EIB. Thanks to this strategy, Blue Dot Solutions, along with Black Pearls VC, have become the initiators of projects that are considered crucial for the development of the Polish space sector: the competition called Galileo Masters, or Europe’s first space startup projects accelerator Space3ac. And because satellite technologies are global in their nature, Blue Dot Solutions is already running projects involving countries outside Europe, too: just to give the example of Jordan water resources management solution (click HERE for more information)

Business scaling know-how

International development is also within the Focus of James Button, a Warsaw company producing and e-selling high-quality dress shirts, which are perfectly tailored to individual requirements of a client, thanks to anthropometric solutions. After a year-long development, Black Pearls VC brought some experienced investors to the company – experts in innovative systems of sales: Rafał Brzoska of, who’s handling flourishing companies in five continents, as well as Grzegorz Błażewicz and  Konrad Pawlus from SALESmanago who specialise in marketing automation solutions for e-commerce. Equipped with their knowledge, James Button will surely storm the international markets.

The above examples are but a few of the many Polish startups who managed to stretch their wings in the wide world thanks to Black Pearls VC. International success doesn’t come easy. A good product or technology is of course a must, but correct recognition of a startup’s development potential is vital.