Startup Tips

The knowledge necessary to make good match between startup needs and the right type of an investor is usually a nuisance for beginners. However, the number of options startups have is constantly growing. Nowadays, it is often like choosing the right wine in a store piled with bottles. It is even more difficult when you realize that choosing the right investor varies depending on a country where you start your business. In Poland the approach is different than, for instance, in the US. Part 1 of this article focuses on the situation outside Poland and describes a few tips on how to choose your investor well there.

Nowadays, business models have become crucial starting point of most of the companies. Models describe the way each company should work. Regardless of the type, they are systems of assumptions and ideas, which help to model business reality. Entrepreneurs use them to order significant aspects of their businesses, which enables them to manage their companies well. An effective business model should answer some basic questions about the reasons and goals of the company as well as be simple so that people involved understand it.