Author: Marcin Popiel

On Tuesday, 9 June, Sopot’s horse-riding track became the heart of eco-friendly technological solutions used in modular construction. Our portfolio company – Rebel Module – organized a conference titled “Modular construction – from an idea to implementation” (“Budownictwo modułowe – od idei do realizacji”), an event whose main aim was to present an alternative way of building houses and convince people of its safety and efficiency. Among speakers, there were crucial partners of Rebel Module – companies like Cembrit, Fermacell, Steico and Structview, which provide certified elements used by the host of the conference. Participants could also listen to the conference’s patron the President of Sopot – Jacek Karnowski. In an opening speech, he admitted that he is fond of the development of energy-efficient construction and willing to support initiatives whose aim is to make people aware of its value and long-range importance.

Graphene is said to be the great hope and the future of technological industry. There are less and less people in Poland who have never heard of it yet. It is because graphene is also a chance for the country, as Polish scientists formulated a cheap way of producing it. Due to its recent price (about 100 mln $ for 1 cm2) some time ago, it was claimed to be the most expensive material on Earth.

Business is like a team sport – you compete and then you win or lose. If you are doing your best, chances of being a winner increase. However, all your efforts seem to be fruitless when you are alone facing numerous rivals working together to beat you. In the exhausting game of business, rules are the same – you have to create your team, which will support you on the way to achieve your goal. When you understand that business is a team sport, it will be easier to succeed.

Nowadays, business models have become crucial starting point of most of the companies. Models describe the way each company should work. Regardless of the type, they are systems of assumptions and ideas, which help to model business reality. Entrepreneurs use them to order significant aspects of their businesses, which enables them to manage their companies well. An effective business model should answer some basic questions about the reasons and goals of the company as well as be simple so that people involved understand it.