Author: Marcin Popiel

The quality of life can be expanded across multiple areas of human life, ranging from healthcare and ecology to international development and culture. And technology already plays a major role in all of these sectors. However, it has not always been like that. Technology has been commonly linked to coldhearted robots, convoluted devices and dangerous machineries. Nonetheless, recent breakthroughs such as smartphones and wearable devices have earned their places in our everyday lives so much that they have become indispensable. Healthcare is one of the fields that have adopted technology at a slower pace. The amount of novelty and data was overwhelming. Still, placing technology at our disposal has seemed to serve us well. Today, with the use of wearables & userfriendly devices we measure our blood pressure, monitor our sleeping and sports activities, evaluate sun exposure and air quality, which allow us to make

We proudly announce that Black Pearls VC has been awarded in Polish Best Investor category in Central European Startup Awards. We are happy that our work has been appreciated by European startup community and it gives us more motivation for the future! Announcement of Polish CESA winners took place in Gdańsk in STARTER and gathered over 100 participants and great speakers. Organisers announced winners in 8 categories. You may find full list of winners here: You may also find pictures from the ceremony HERE. The Central European Startup Awards is a unique award show, committed to advocate and celebrate the startup spirit of the CEE region and to pin the region to the global startup map. The festival brings together 10 countries, nearly 4.000 startups and their ecosystems for the second time this year. Besides having the must-have categories of ‘Startup of